Friday, January 13, 2012

all we can do is keep breathing

today it struck me how beautiful of a thing breathing is.
on cold days i always take pleasure in seeing my breath escape me as i exhale into the frigid air. those little white clouds of breath are just so lovely.
and i thought about how this world is full of so much air. it's been everywhere. it is everywhere. we can breathe it into our lungs and it helps us live and fills us up and then we let it back out into the atmosphere. we are literally taking part of this beautiful universe inside of us for a moment and it's helping us be us for another moment. and with every breath, we are getting closer to our goals, farther from our childhood, closer to death and also closer to beautiful beginnings of chapters.
i think most of all it's beautiful because it's a reminder that i'm alive.
and what a beautiful thing it also is to be alive.


  1. I love to breathe! I once heard that it was the greatest achievement in a Monk's view to be able to master your breathing. To be able to focus on your breath, and that is all, is amazing. Really vitalizing.

  2. I was just thinking about how amazing it is too, when I saw a big group of people on campus all close together, because you see anywhere from 5 to 30 puffs of breath at any given time, and it really is beautiful.


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