Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cheers. To the Freakin' New Year.

The clock struck midnight, and my eyes welled up as the confetti shot around the room.
It was finally 2012.
I then turned to my left and saw the person that I always look forward to seeing the most.
She turned to me shortly thereafter and we smiled at each other and clasped hands.
Then, simultaneously, we wrapped our arms around each other and I felt instant relief.
"We did it," she said.
And I smiled as the first tear fell.
"Yes we did," I replied.
It was over.
The worst year of my life was over.

I'm not one for crying (ask any of my best friends or ex boyfriends).
But I always cry on New Years.

Because it's beautiful.

It's sad and it's happy.
It's a goodbye and a hello.
It's a loss and a gain.
It's a lesson learned and a lesson awaiting.
It's a sign that I've progressed. I've grown.
And I deserve a good cry because I made it another 365 days.

2011 was the absolute worst.
But I guess that means 2011 was the absolute best.
Because, in losing, I feel that there is so much to gain.

Awkward Collage of Pretty/Memorable Things from 2011:

Hello 2012.
I can tell that we are gonna be friends.



  1. so happy.

    i love you a lot.

    more than you know.

  2. This post is amazing. And wow you got to see Adele?! That should compensate a lot of misery! Happy new year 2012 to you both!


you look really good today!