Tuesday, January 10, 2012


today i was (lucky?) enough to have several awkward encounters. you know, like finding myself in a headlock by a tall blonde boy on a crosswalk and accidentally seeing someone fall over the ledge they were trying to do some cool parkour move over to get their bike. but the best of all happened in the library bathroom.
the relief society president in my ward is pretty awesome. she's quite a talker. i'm standing in line for the bathroom when she says, "hey! i really like your hair!" and i turn around because she gave me the same compliment yesterday and she goes "I KNOW YOU!!!" and gives me a big hug.
then she proceeds to tell me about her elementary ed class and this song about rattlesnakes that she learned and then she asks me if she can sing it to me right now. i nod. she starts singing and jumping and everyone else in there is like.. whaaaat?
so then i just go into the stall and as i'm washing my hands she hollers to me (from the stall that she's in. just yelling to the void) "hannah! before you go! are you still seeing that guy?"
i don't know what to do, so i say yes, and i laugh and all the other girls laugh, then she asks if i like him and i say yes, they laugh more. then i try to leave as she's telling me we should talk about this in private (duh) and one girl says, "so now we're all wondering who this guy is!"
and i make my grand exit as i tell them all, "welcome to my life, everyone! welcome!"

then i proceed to hide behind the new york times in my spot.

what a great day in the HBLL.

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you look really good today!