Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm just.. not that into you...

Her: "Who is the man this week, Mal?"

Me: "[his name]. I think I introduced you a couple days ago...?"

Her: "Oh, yes. And how are things with him?"

Me: "Eh... I'm bored of him."

Her: "(laughing) Oh that is such a familiar story. Seriously, you're ridiculous. I can't wait to meet the guy that doesn't bore you after two weeks. Or two minutes, even. Whoever he is, you'd be crazy not to marry him."

I laughed.
But then I realized that she's right.
I get bored of those boys way too quickly.
I think we all find ourselves getting bored too quickly.
Not only of "significant others," but of people in general.
My very best friends are the people that have never bored me.
Even when we're doing absolutely nothing at all but sitting next to each other and thinking within our own minds for long periods of time.

The ones that never bore us are probably the ones who have the ability to entertain us forever..
Even when we're old and gray.

And such is life.


  1. i like this.
    especially the last bit.

  2. mmm. i liked this. thanks miss Mal.

  3. I feel the same way all the time. Except I don't get bored, I get annoyed. Which basically means I am an awful person.


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