Sunday, January 15, 2012

if you haven't noticed

i'm filled with words this week.
i have five other posts in draft and we'll see how many of them get posted.
i'm filled with words about how as i sat on my blue sheets this morning, alone in my room, the sunshine made the colors in here so beautiful. and i thought words about light blue eyes and long, long eyelashes. about best friends in florida and being able to check off 5 months. about america's new democracy and how i want to stay in college forever, learning about art history and french and political science and botany and maybe a class or two about the middle east. about messages from long lost friends and messages from brand new ones. about taking chances and very small, very quirky, very cute ears. about my tiny thumbs and how i love the word tiny. about how i can never live alone because i will always need someone to kill the spiders and open the jars. about the beauty of thick eyebrows and the wall of mine covered in art postcards of paintings and sculptures i've actually seen.
i'm not even sure who i thought i was five years ago when i took pictures of myself with my digital camera and here i am doing it again, except even less legit because i'm using a webcam.
and my new year's resolution is to kiss an emotionally stable and definitely straight boy because it's been almost two years since i've kissed any kind of boy but let's be real, that really isn't my new year's resolution. i only wrote that one down on the paper because it's the one that scares me the least.
and i've thought a lot about conquering fear.

that's only approximately 1/17th of all the things i have words for this week.
stay tuned, i guess.

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you look really good today!