Sunday, January 8, 2012

I have an illness.

It's called "hopelessdevotiontothemostbeautifulthingontheplanetearth."

Or, "love," for short.

I'm about to infect you with this illness.
You see, it is highly contagious, and I'm about to pass on germs through a technological "sneeze," if you will.

If you are not interested in getting incredibly ill,
look no further.


For those of you who think you can take on this over-powering disease,

prepare yourselves.

And proceed with caution.

*Note: Symptoms include constant daydreaming and unrealistic expectations.
No cure has yet been found for the illness you are putting yourself in great risk of.
If you are continuing to scroll down, I commend your bravery.



Matthew Gray Gubler?
I'm ready to have your children.
(I hope he never sees that in real life.
That would just eliminate my odds entirely.
(Not that I really have any to begin with...))



  1. i'm glad someone else finally agrees with me that he is beautiful.

  2. I'm so obsessed with him. Like, really, really obsessed with him. I watch Criminal Minds for him, and pretty much only him.


you look really good today!