Saturday, January 7, 2012

she expected the world.

the more i live the more i realize that things never go as planned.
i didn't plan on being at byu.
i didn't plan on living with my roommates.
i didn't plan on divorce.
i didn't plan on taking plants class.
but i did. i am. it happened.

i'm so grateful that God doesn't allow us to write our own plans. to have things as we would want them at the moment. so often our lives change in ways we never anticipated and the best part of that is that we change in ways we never anticipated.
and we can become better than we ever planned.
i think about my expectations for 2011 as of last january. almost none of those things happened except for one: to be happy. and that's really the only important one.

so if nothing goes as expected, what do we have to lose?
why not?


you look really good today!