Sunday, January 22, 2012

trevor. & me, the social butterfly.

so, living in freshman housing, there are countless immature and obnoxious young men.
trevor wilson, however, is not one of them.
we adore him.
this is a shout out to trevor. because he said this to me last night as we were making pizza grilled cheese:
"there are not a lot of things i hate in this world. but these are the three things i hate, in this order:
1. satan
2. spreading hard butter on bread
3. communism."

...all of a sudden i love freshmen.
i haven't gone home since i came back.
& i've been social, guys. we've invited people over twice and gone bowling and i've gone on two dates and i've gone to spark 3 times and a lot of dance parties and chick flicks and had quite a few later-than-2-AM-nights and i am just having so much fun.

no wonder i can't seem to get myself to do my homework.

what has happened to me?

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