Wednesday, January 19, 2011

06. My day.

January 19th, 2011...
What a lovely day.

Here are the highlights:

-Walked to first period with S. Clarke (he's such a nice boy).
-Fell in love with my english teacher, just as I do every A1 class period.
-Learned a lot about proper manners in restaraunts in my new foods class.
-Spent the first 10 minutes of 3rd period purchasing a pop-tart.
-Realized the love I have in my heart for M. Line.
-Looked at the clock and realized my best friend, Elder J. Walker, was entering the MTC at that moment, and I reminisced in my own mind for a few minutes.
-Realized M. Pyne and J. Hall were in my life for a reason, and I couldn't live without either of them.
-Had a productive Drama Council meeting.
-Talked to Hannah briefly about particularly annoying people.
-Received a script for my upcoming show.
-Came home to find a "For Sale" sign in the front yard.
-Ate before my work shift with my manager and best pal, T. Jensen, whom I love so much.
-Worked, and when I say "worked," I mean talked about boys, books, love, religion, and told stories with B. Bromley.
-Packed for my theater trip to St. Geezy this weekend.*
-Blogged about a dumb, yet, so vital-to-my-entirety, day.

*For this little trip I'm beginning tomorrow, I'll be auditioning for something that is difficult to explain.
But I'll be singing this little number:

"I'm beautiful. Yes, I'm beautiful. And I'm here."
S.J. Shill? That one's for you. I love you.

See you on the flip side, kids.
Stay in school. I mean it.


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  1. My baby sis. I love you.

    You are everything to me, Keds.

    I wouldn't allow myself to listen to 'I'm Here' because I would picture you singing, just like The Color Purple. But then I did it.

    I cried.


you look really good today!