Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3: Parents

Oh, will you just look at these cute people!

Note: I love this photo so much. They look so happy. I mean, truly happy.
Happy to be together. Happy to be my parents. Happy to just be.

Those are my little sweeties of parents.
I like them a whole bunch.

There on the right is Daddy.
Tearon Roger.
He calls me Peewee or Red.
He's a good man. He works real hard. He's brilliantly smart.
We have the greatest relationship, and I always know I have his full attention. He listens when I'm talking, and he never gets mad when I tell him things.
We have a lovely little trust, and we can have entire conversations with our eyes.
He makes me laugh. Cackle, actually. The man is a comic genius.
He has a great heart full of good intent. I hope that I never lose him.
He is and always will be the best man in my life.
We go on lots of Daddy/Peewee dates, and we like to go out to nice food places and talk about trivia and music and politics and love and men and clothes and the future and the past.
Secretly, I like to hang out with him more than most of my friends...

On the left is Mama.
Angela Denise.
Mama calls me Mal or Best Friend.
We're the same human. It's mildly creepy.
She's the only person that can make me weepy because she is me.
I view her with great respect.
That is me in a few short years, except I'm not as beautiful.
Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to maintain such youth.
I don't think I could count the number of times I've heard, "How old's your sister?" or "Whoa.. I totally thought you guys were sisters.." or "DAMN! Can I have your sister's number?!"
I've literally heard all of these multiple times...
I tell her everything, and she laughs at how crazy it is that she was the very same as I in her high schoolin' days.
Mama and I like to laugh. We like to have sleepovers. We like to party.
We're best friends. We save each other.
We match, Mama and I.

No matter how things turn out,
I wish them both nothing but the best.
Because they deserve it.

They're the cutest cuties around town.
I love 'em...

(aka Peewee)

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