Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today is your day.

When I turned 8 years old, I felt like a giant. I was the biggest part of my world, and seemingly the biggest part of everyone else's, too.
Here I am, ten years later, heading on 18, and I've never felt so small.

2010 was a really long year. I look at it in review, and although it felt no longer than a blink of the eye, it was full of so many things. Many smiles. Many trips. Many bonding moments. Many breaths. Many blog posts. Many sleepless nights. Many moments of sadness. Many men. Many goodbyes.
I've grown.
I'm new.
And, in a year, I want to be newer.

I want this to be the best year yet.
Will you please just do me a favor? A couple of favors, actually.
Because this is your year. And your day.

Here's what I'd like you to do every single day in 2011:
  • Make a new friend. And try to keep that friend for as long as you can. You never know who's going to change your life.
  • Learn something new about the world. It's so undiscovered. Discover it, and be a part of it.
  • Learn something new about yourself. You are undiscovered. As well as you may think you "know yourself," there are always new things to learn. Try new things. Ask yourself "Why not?" before saying "No" to an opportunity.
  • Thank someone for all they do for you. Whether it be in person or in a letter; a few words or an entire conversation, let someone know that they mean something to you. You just might be saving a life.
  • Find God's hand in your life. He's there. In everything. Find Him.
  • Quote The Beatles. Just once a day. Quote the Fab Four. I promise you that those men can teach you nearly everything you might ever need to know through their wonderful gift of song


Make every day the best day of your life.

You are loved.

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