Saturday, January 15, 2011

day 4: what we ate today.

somehow, i get the feeling that no one cares what we ate today.
somehow, i get the feeling that you would be disappointed in me (han) if i told you, anyway.

so i'm attempting to make this interesting.

this is what mallory & i look like at lunchtime.

Oh, aren't we just the cutest things you ever saw?!

and these are our culinary tastes:

-vietnamese pho.
-fish taco tuesdays.
-zupas honey bacon club & cauliflower soup.
-kraft singles & their perfect grilled cheeses.
-cranberry juice.
-lindt truffles.
-cauliflower and carrots.
-pastries of all kinds.
-hot cocoa.
-chikin-in-a-biskits. did you know they're made with real dehydrated chicken? yeah. pretty nasty. but addicting.
-greek potatoes.

Grilled cheese sandwiches of all kinds.-
Swedish Fish (THEY'RE ALL RED!) -
Daddy's mashed potatoes and potato salad.-
Thai food.-
Tuckeroo's "Aubrey" dip.-
Mamaw's biscuit's and gravy.-
Dark chocolate.-
Ramen Noodles.-
Daddy's lasagna.-
Diet Coke (Mama's got me addicted).-

Here's a little bit of crazy for your taste-buds:
Hannah introduced me to this. In fact, her introduction of this to me was the beginning of our friendship, I think.
PB&J sandwich on classic white bread with Barbeque chips in the middle.
Seriously. Fantastic. Try it. Dare ya.

Love, Flies.


  1. That's a lot of food to eat in one day! Hahhaa! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a large appetite! :D You go, girls. I mean...flies!

  2. haha, we didn't eat it all in one day! i wish, actually.
    they're just our favorite foods :)

  3. just found this via michal's and i'm thrilled to be mentioned. and i'm even more thrilled that my name is tied to food. LOOVING your blog right about now!! ps mamaw's biscuits?! extremely jealous


you look really good today!