Sunday, January 9, 2011


so, i've been suffering from writer's block lately.
so i've decided to jump on the 30 days bandwagon.
which will take me a lot longer than 30 days.
but you know,
i'm kind of excited. because these thirty things are important. they define me. and i don't think about them enough. so i think making myself blog about them will make them more tangible and give me the opportunity to think through these things that are the very essence of me.
day one: introduce yourself through pictures and words.

i think you all know me pretty well if you read on a regular basis. and if you've read the about hannah tab.
but, just for fun:
my name is hannah alexandra. i was born in california. i now live in utah. i am young for my grade, which is fine except it caused problems when waiting to turn sixteen. couldn't drive, couldn't date. boo.
in fourth grade on my birthday, my mom left a balloon for me in my classroom. i was turning 9 but the rest of my class was turning 10 that year. they asked me how old i was turning, and i said 10 because i didn't want to be left out.
i like to smile and get to know new people. i have been incredibly blessed with the friends that i have. they mean the world to me.
i love my family. although they're complicated. my kid brother cracks me up everyday. i told him my friend parker was astroboy, and ever since he's been telling me stories about him and parker flying around the world and killing guys who are mean to their sisters with their (mckay & parker's) gun powers.
i love to travel and have been lucky in that area. i've been to a lot of beautiful places around the country. seattle has been one of my most recent favorites. but so has montreal... and so has boston... and conneticut..
i'm indecisive.
i am learning french and enjoy it very much. i like to read. i'm a little obsessed with music and am always listening, even if it's just in my head. acoustic music is home to me. i appreciate everything, but that kind of music always makes me feel the most calm and understood.
art history is my passion. i read art history books in my bed at night and all the things on the list of "my interests" on facebook are artists, except for james dean and joseph gordon-levitt. i must visit the art museum everywhere i go. i dream of being a curator at one. i tend to annoy my friends with my small facts about art.
i am a mormon and my faith is my strength. i know that the gospel is true.
and that's me.



you look really good today!