Sunday, January 16, 2011

day 5: love.

real love.
it's when you think of somebody and your heart feels big.
when you try to picture them in your mind but you can't see their image, only their shape and their soul.
it's when you'd rather have them be happy than keep them with you always.
it's when they can drive you absolutely crazy but you still want to give them a hug.

as madame says. amitiƩ est plus important d'amour.

friendship is what keeps people together.

LOVE, hannah.


  1. This is very adorable!! I love love.

  2. yes. i loved the picture them in your mind thing. i have thought/experienced that for years and years but thought i was just a weirdo. i'm glad you put it into words.
    ps. there are so many mallorys on this blog. it's neat.

  3. This is Mallory.
    I am so happy that there are so many Mallory's here.
    What a lovely bunch to have such a lovely name.
    Very neat.
    Stay in school, ladies.


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