Tuesday, January 18, 2011

day 6: my day.

 me & my guerilla gardeners. posted for lack of new pictures 
& in an attempt to make this somewhat entertaining.

6:00 AM: alarm goes off, in the form of ingrid michaelson. i shake my fist. i turn back over and sleep.
6:33 AM: awake again. shake my fist. listen to ingrid sing the way i am.
6:37 AM: i drag myself out of bed.
7:26 AM: i jump in my car and drive to school, listening to pleasant grove high school's radio station because it's the only decent one out there.
7:50 AM: mikelle french braids my hair. in french class.
9:16 AM: i walk into my new government and citizenship class at the beginning of this new semester. am surprised to see jessica, ali, jessica 2, and kyle. sit by them.
10:00 AM: make a new friend in said class named kayla. she doesn't read and she got a queen sized bed for christmas.
10:46 AM: make my entrance in foods 3. i am nearly cheated out of the seat that park-a-lark saved for me. but i succeed in getting it anyway. sit by graham, parker, and jake. "can it get better?" i think. actually probably. but they are good enough.
11:30 AM: my short thumbs become the foods class' show & tell.
12:30 PM: talk to nat in the lunchroom. our spot at the table was stolen by the pasketts. yes, we've hit rock bottom.
12:47 PM: ask jackson to sadies.
me: hello jackson, you look like an angel today.
jackson: why thank you hannah. (offers me a fry. i decline.)
me: jackson, have you been asked to sadies yet?
jackson: no.
me: well then i have a serious question for you. (he starts to smile while simultaneously eating a fry. it is humorous.) will you go to sadies with me?
jackson: yes hannah. is it formal?
me: no. t-shirts, dude.
jackson: then yes. yes i would love to go to sadies with you.
me: wonderful. see you later. (and then i depart. feel good about how easy that was.)
1:00 PM: take pictures of people for yearbook divider. my most favorite part. although all i do is sit and laugh at jacob.
1:39 PM: ryan from santa monica pizza calls me. he wants to interview me for a job at 3:45. okay, i say. see you later.
2:31 PM: meander into my seminary council meeting.
2:41 PM: drive home whilst listening to local native's cubist dream.
3:40 PM: arrive at santa monica for job interview. hope to be interviewed by tall, attractive-in-an-athletic-way man, instead am interviewed by smallish-mexican man.
3:47 PM: am offered a job. handed a t-shirt. and told to come in tomorrow to start working. yes, i'll be a waitress. yes, you should come in and see me. it's the one by smith's marketplace.
4:16 PM: i sit here blogging my day up til this point. i listen to young the giant. wonder if this is already too long. because i'm sure more exciting things will come my way today.
8:17 PM: after a lovely young womens, i prepare to go to cami's and watch the season premier of white collar. i also prepare to post this post. i also wonder if anybody will actually read the entire thing.

hm. what a productive day.



  1. i am so glad you listen to KPGR.
    oh. bless the voice of the vikings.
    please. stay tuned.

  2. HANNAH! HANNAH! HANNAH! I READY THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING AND LOVED IT [almost as much as i love you, but not quite]

  3. hannah i read the entire thing, and dear i am so the premier never happened :( it has yet to happen yet, bahh. tuesday :)


you look really good today!