Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hiatus Continued.

It's sad, really, how I follow whatever it is that Hannah does.
I just feel that she really knows what she's doing, and I really just.. don't.
So it seems appropriate for me to follow in her foot steps.

I would like to take this opportunity--now that I'm back into legitimate blogging, and taking a (perhaps permanent) break from this whole 30 day fiasco--to confess.

I will never never ever, never ever, NEVER, never never never never ever never, EVER, never EVER, never never, NEVER EVER be punctual.
It's saddens me, but only slightly.
You see, I've come to terms with self-acceptance (to a degree) and I am alright with it.
I'm never on time. And I'm never fully prepared.
I'm not really reliable. And I'm sort of careless.
But that makes me... Me.

I yam what I yam.

But I will admit,
in my very small amount of experience,
it feels great to be on time to things.

Also, Kanye has really upped his artistic factor:

And, if you find yourself with a half hour to spare, you should go here.
But, if you hate Kanye (which I understand, it seems I'm the only one that likes him these days), I won't be offended.


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  1. that video is amazing. amazing. i have always had this fascination with ballerinas for some reason, if i had any amount of grace i would be one


you look really good today!