Monday, January 3, 2011

four seasons of 2010: what you missed & what i learned from it.

even though i'd like to, i haven't been able to blog about every great thing that i have come across during the last year. i thought that maybe i'd jump on the bandwagon and share with you favorite 2010 moments, even though you don't care. i'll admit, it's a little narcissistic. (isn't blogging, anyway?). but, they are ones you haven't seen yet, and you seem to be entertained by reading about my life. or you could just be stalkers. in either case you'll benefit, right?
just to make sure, i'll share the lessons i learned from each experience.
this year i:

-had truly legendary times with the sisterhood. lesson: friends are everywhere. and it's possible to be close with somebody & have their back, even if you don't spend every waking minute together.
-read magical books on the forbidden couch with quinci. lesson: forbidden things are a lot more fun.
-had a photoshoot for the blog with mal. there's so many photos of us you haven't seen... lesson: mallory & i are best flies. and our contrasting personalities do this blog well.
-went to sadies with a boy named conner. painted sweet shirts. had fun. lesson: awkwardness can easily be laughed off.
-made friends with a boy named jackson. lesson: silence is comfortable if you let it. be yourself and be genuine.
-spoons. 'nuf said. lesson: don't bring them up with whitney.

-went to seattle with my pop. it became my favorite city. lesson: i belong there.
-went to montreal all by myself and stayed with second cousins i'd never met before. i felt quite grown up navigating airports all alone. stood for a photo in front of marie reine du monde. lesson: i can be a grown up when i need to be.
-collected more art postcards from various museums. lesson: yes, i love art more than any worldly thing.
-was awesome at writing many friends many letters. lesson: i am in charge of whether i stay in touch with people or not. it's simply up to me to make the effort.
-went to sliding rock with ari & others. lesson: friends are still awesome. wear shoes when going hiking.
-got a CAR. an acura cl. yes. good times. lesson: i can conquer scary things. (i was terrified of driving before this.)

-hosted my second annual birthday tea party. lesson: happiness and classy girlfriends go hand in hand.
-learned how to use the film camera to a fuller extent. lesson: i am capable of creating beautiful things. also, my little bro is the cutest and most photogenic kid that ever lived. also, i think i'll know when the right guy comes along when i love him equally as much as the kid brother.
-went to narnia in salt lake city. during mine, shelbie, whitney, and jenoa's perfectly lonely party. lesson: i don't need a man to take me to homecoming (or anywhere). i'm perfectly lonely, and that's the way that's the way that's the way that i want it.
-went to the JOHN MAYER concert. lesson: be perfectly lonely. and live music has a fulfilling quality that i can't find anywhere else.
-made this little artsy place setting for foods class. ha. lesson: a simple place setting consists of a plate in the center, knife to the right, fork to the left, cup to the northeast, and napkin next to that fork.
-still had class and shelbie still had swag. lesson: i love shelbie and always will. aw, mushy girl moment.

-went to preference with steven. but you already know that. lesson: life is fun. and steve is wonderful.
-became good friends with two cool boys named cole and jake. and together, plus me and whitney, we started a book club called the guerilla gardeners. lesson: it is fun to get to know new people. and worth the preliminary awkward moments.
-decorated a christmas tree. lesson: i better take those sparkly and neon colored ornaments with me wherever i go in life.
-was super indie with mallory. lesson: making fun of indie is just as dumb as trying to be indie.
-celebrated christmas in july with jess and whit. okay, so this was in the summer.. but it fit better here. lesson: staying up all night and attacking trucks of boys you love to pretend to hate is pretty entertaining. although juvenile. but i'm completely okay with acting juvenile.
-became teammates with laura. lesson: there is someone out there who understands everything and will not judge you.

and that my friends, is what i call a very good year.

lessons learned? yes.
will they be applied? i will try my darn hardest.

what did you learn this year?

love, hannah.

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