Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 3: my parents.

i'm grateful for what i learned by living with a single mother. and i'm proud of what i've conquered. i think that i've learned a lot of necessary truths in needed to in order to be a good wife and parent myself, in the future. i can't imagine it any other way, now.
mom is an artist. she paints murals on people's walls. and pediatrician's offices. she is funny. i like to talk to her about lots of things. all things. we often go to dinner at blue lemon. she bought me the hugest bag of lindt truffles i've ever seen for christmas. she likes quiet music. she went to the ingrid michaelson concert with me last year. she is very very beautiful. and teaches me lots of important lessons. and i look up to her so much. she is my best friend.
dad likes politics. and economics. and fills his head with all sorts of knowledge. sometimes i see him on the news or hear him on the radio, and it's a weird feeling. he likes to fish. and other outdoor things. he thinks he can sing. he lets me buy an album off itunes every month with his credit card. i appreciate that. he lives on top of a mountain. and it has quite a splendid view at night, when the lights twinkle. he bought me my car, which i smashed up in an accident yesterday... (yes, boo. worst thing ever.)

i love them both.

love, hannah

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