Monday, January 10, 2011

Bandwagon II

Mostly, I'm doing this because Hannah is.
I considered allowing her to be the only writer for 30 days, and not writing.
But I just really wanted to join the 30 day bandwagon, no matter how "not indie" it is (I only expect Hanny to understand that one).

Day One: Introduce yourself with pictures and words.

Hello. My name is Mallory Elizabeth.
Here's some pitchas:

I'm red headed. A lot red headed. There is a lot of red hair on my head. And it's very red.
I have a lovely little obsession with The Beatles.
And Radiohead is my dearest pal.
I like giraffes a lot. As well as camels. I can't decide which of the two is my favorite animal.
I love the rain. I hope I get married on an overcast, rainy day. That'd be most ideal.
If I could have any man I wanted, it would be a toss up between Johnny Depp and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
If I could have any dead man I wanted to come back to life and be mine, it's obviously be James Dean.
Or maybe John Lennon...  Well now I'm torn... 
I like singin'. It's fun
I promise that my first son will be named Jude.
I love educational books. As well as classic novels.
I think that I intimidate a lot of people, which makes me sad. I'm harmless.
I could probably rip someone's face off if I were angry enough and really wanted to, but I don't want to. Therefore, I'm harmless. So I don't really know why people are so scared of me...
I love hearing, "When we first met, I was way scared of you. But now I'm not!"
I sometimes make myself up to be a lot of things I'm not. I wish I were a lot of things I'm not. For instance, when I say, "I'm really reliable," don't believe one bit of it.
One of these days I'll get the hang of "true self-acceptance."
I like to go dancing.
I'm a secret partier. Well I suppose that's no longer a secret.
I once was given the advice, "Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth." So that's what I'm doing.
I'm bored of talking about myself now, so regarding all other aspects of me, I got it from my mama.


I'm terribly sorry. I'm in the oddest of moods right now. I'll probably read this tomorrow and be mildly humiliated, but whatever. Just keep looking forward to Hannah's posts since they're substantial and stuff..

So... Since Han and I are both doing this, it'll be more like 60 days... That's a lot of days. So maybs we'll conjoin some posts or sunthin'... Yeah. That's probs what we'll do.
K. Happy Monday.

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