Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day 2: my first love.

 just some attractive men for visual aid. 
pretend my first love looks like mat bomer. 
he's a good first love. (joseph will be the last love.)

when i was in eighth grade, boys liked me. (oh, the glory days.)
one day i was walking through the commons area with mikelle, i think.
and a tall blonde boy ran up to me. and he floofed my hair. and said, in a ridiculous accent, "your hair! it is so bouncy!"
i started to sit by him on the bus. and we talked. about purple vans. and children in africa. and zoolander.
we became very good friends. and i spent many days running barefoot through his backyard, or sitting in his loft, or playing ping pong in his basement, or walking back and forth from our houses. i walked on the curb and he walked beside me. once he let me wear his jacket. we liked each other.
i wasn't in love with him. by any means. but he was the first male of my age that i loved. as a friend. really loved.
he asked me how i was everyday, and i could hear in his voice that he cared what my response would be.
after him, i realized that i could be unconditionally happy. i realized that if you care about people, it will show. and i realized that i could help people.
i don't know him anymore. i don't know who he is now. i saw him once. two summers ago. he helped me pull a wagon. that was the last time.
but i still look at his yellow house whenever i drive by.
and i am grateful for him.
to you, wherever you are.
you changed who i am.
i hope that you are still wonderful.
i hope that you are still happy.
i hope you still make girls smile.
you're a special one.

from, hannah banana fee fi fo fannah, hannah.

p.s. i'm glad mallory is joining me in this. it will be great. great i tell you.

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  1. Oh lovely! He sounds like a wonderful person :) This post was great! Very uplifting :)


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