Thursday, January 27, 2011

hiatus from thirty days.

i want to live in the casa mila...

i've gotten kind of tired of the thirty days thing...
which makes me suppose that you are kind of tired of it too.
i'm sitting here at the yearbook room (still) and bored out of my mind. yes. and there are two fantastic pictures of kelsey and i that the server won't let me upload onto here. (the SERVERRRRR. part computer, part deity.)
florence & the machine. keepin' us company.
do you like the new design of the blog? because i do. i love making blog headers. way more than is healthy.
anyway, today, for AP Language, we went on a field trip to the sundance film festival.
we watched a movie about coal mining in west virginia. which was very good. and enlightening. it's called the last mountain. it would be good for you to see. after that we went to one of the homeless shelters in salt lake city and took a tour and heard from a few people who live/work there. some people do so much good. it's incredible.
i'm so grateful that a have a nice warm home. i wish i could type something right now that would do it justice, but i'm so beat i can't even focus on anything.
right now dan brad is keeping us here. what a loser. (kidding. i sincerely love him.) kelsey & s.s. are really hyper and looking up photos of our astro signs. we might go run down the hall and take pictures.
oh.. my life. MY LIFE I TELL YOU.
yes, i used caps.
we just choreographed a dance to miley cyrus' i can't be tamed.
rock bottom.

see ya...



  1. Hey I went to the Casa Mila!! It's amazing!!

  2. dear hannah.
    make me a header?
    i am in need.
    thank you.
    -miss mandi.

  3. you went to casa mila?!
    gaudi is only my favorite architect :)
    i have never been more jealous, to be honest.
    mandi. yes. i will so make you a header.

  4. hannah. thank you. thank you.
    it means a whole lot.


you look really good today!